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animals on campesano


The beautiful and tame horses are the heart of campesano. They are lovingly cared for, maintained daily and professionally trained. From rodeo-trained horse to child-friendly horses and foals to pet - there is a horse for everybody.


Our horses are very balanced and calm, they are used to carry children or beginner riders safely through the terrain. Most of the campesano horses are even trained for horse therapy.

We can proudly say that there are no better horses for horseback trails.


Check out our horses


Guard of house and home is our giant QUITO.


Quito comes directly from a small village in Portugal, where his relatives still defend the herds against wolves and bears. Worldwide there are only 70 copies of his race and he is the only  "Cao de Castro Laboreiro" in all America!


His girlfriend FLOR came from the street and didn ´t leave. She loves cuddles and is perfect for young children to take the fear of dogs.


Flikka is a German Shepard Mix and loves to chase rabbits - and she is so nice that she brings them home for the cooking pot. Well, she does sometimes :-)


VELVET, PATCHES and LILLY were found on the street as newborn kittens until we adopted them. As they were grown by our dog Quito, they behave like dogs and follow us everywhere like fellow friends. As they were missing their mum, they are always happy for being cuddled.

They start to explore the world around campesano and get more curious and daring every day.


Our chickens bless us every day with beautiful organic eggs that taste so different than the from the supermarket! 


Approx. 4x per year is egg meal break, because then they hatch and its great fun when you see new little chicks in the enclosure. 


However, breeding usually do the turkey, because they have the thickest butt! 

Then they breed everything that is in the nest: chicken, ducks, geese and of course their own babies.


We have some impressive geese that take care of our house. 


Did you know that in ancient Egypt geese were kept as guard "dog"?


From a young and romantic turkey-couple (Adam and Eve) came 6 proud turkeys in a few months. 


It is absolutely fascinating to watch how quickly these animals grow and change, such as the nose and the crest of the male swells and becomes discolored, if he strutting around in front of his females. 


Have you ever eaten a turkey egg? They have a speckled shell and taste fantastic!


campesano has ducks of various breeds and sizes. They love to splash around in the small pond that was created for them. And they chatter reproachfully and loud when someone dares to clean it. 


The ducks lay eggs that are very creamy and delicious. 


There are some nice and cute rabbit pets on campesano and thousands  of wild rabbits running around.


Ok, this buddy is not really the best friend of our chickens and rabbits. But when you meet him on a rideout, it ´s really impressive and beautiful!


Oops, this little guy escaped from the neighbor. But he knows that he is always welcome to get a cuddle and a carrot.


Did you know that the Chilean rose tarantula is the most common species of tarantula available in American and European pet stores today? They are absolutely not aggressive and not dangerous. But we have to admit that we - here in Chile - prefer them to be OUTSIDE the house...


campesano is a great place for birdwathchers! There are eagles, falcons, quails and "queltehues" who put their nests on the ground and make a lot of noise if someone comes close. They are the even better guards than the geese.


In the roof of the barn lives an owl couple with his boys. They sleep during the day and fly at night from the small hatch that we cut them. Then they go with loud croaking on rabbit hunting.

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