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chilean criollo horses

The Criollo is one of the strongest and toughest horse race in the world. They are incredibly durable and come under extreme climatic conditions with very little food.

The history of the criollos began in the 16th Century with the import Iberian horses from Spain to South America. The imported horses, which often led Berber and Arab blood escaped from the acquisition in Buenos Aires' into the wild and propagated there freely. It could only survive the toughest and most enduring animals and therefore the breed still valued for their patience and longevity.

Chilean  Criollos are approximately 140 - 153 cm height rather small. They are calm, balanced, very stable and not people friendly. Even with a sudden barking dogs and thunder, they remain calm. Therefore, even the novice horse will quickly find their way and feel good.

That the Criollo horse dominates also highly artistic movements shows on the rodeo, where they make incredible speed strength and agility to the test.

The horses on our ranch are all Campesano Chilean Criollo horses or their crosses. You are riding for trekking tours and trekking in the mountains, the perfect companion. They live out in the herd and be trained completely nonviolent.

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