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typical chilean riding equipment

The Chilean "Avio" saddles are almost as comfortable as a sofa. With it also long trail rides for horse and rider are comfortable and secure. Two thick sheepskins flatter the backside of the rider and prevent pressure sores and the horse from slipping.


The Chilean stirrup are carved from solid wood and elaborately decorated. They protect your feet when riding through reliably from the bushes and avoid getting stuck by thorns and branches.

The reins are made of thick, hand-braided leather strands. The Chilean Bridle is simple and an easy holster is always worn underneath, so the horse can move tied to a tree, while horsemen hold their picnic or enjoy a barbecue at the campfire. 

If you book one of our riding packages, you should bring the following:

Riding pants: one comfortable pair of jeans or corduroy trousers are recommended.It should not be too slippery, should reach to the ankles and shouldn't have too many seems inside.

Riding boots / shoes: Tight shoes that extend beyond the ankle are the best. Ideally, trekking or hiking boots. Good tread prevents slipping. If necessary, go with normal sneakers. We have some knee-high leather cuffs (Chaps), in addition to protect the rider`s legs.

Long-sleeved shirt: even in warm weather important because of sunlight, scrub, ticks and other insects. In the shadow or in the evening it will cool quickly, so you should always have a sweater too.

Riding helmet / hat: important is a hat for the protection from overhanging branches. Against the sun protects a hat with wide brim or a cloth. We have helmets and hats for all riders - the use is always included.

Depending on season and length of the trail: sunscreen, insect repellent, rain gear, sleeping bag, small backpack, camera.

And most importantly: time, good humor, joy in dealing with the horses and enjoy nature!

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