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our tame and well-cared horses


Rodeo-trained horse with good-natured character

This beautiful buckskin with a dark mane has trained as a rodeo horse and promptly responds to any command. He is very powerful and should not be ridden without self-consciousness. If he has accepted his rider, however, he shows good nature and will. Riders with some experience will enjoy the ride on this gelding a lot.


Alert, but very well-behaved horse

This brown mare is with only 5 years still quite young and likes to move. But she is very nice and calmly and therefore estimated by riding very beginners. Small mistakes she sees over and without much intervention you will have a lot of fun when riding on this kind mare. In a few months she will have a little baby and gets a little break. Until then, she is still happy to be able to participate un our rides.


A four-legged dream of riding
Apache is white as an albino and requires additional care for his sensitive skin. If he believed in human edible or cuddling, he follows them at every turn, like a dog. He loves riding and is working diligently and cheerfully. The riding on this little big is a dream: feather soft courses, immediate reactions at the slightest command and always attentive.


Our fiery rocket

Dark brown with a rich coat, Mysterio knows he's a good-looking horse, but chooses the mysterious route.


Comfortable and relaxed lion.

The easy-going leader of the pack, Leon is a strong, friendly horse perfect for kids and beginners.


Our friendly giant.

This lovable and well-mannered horse is a delight to ride for beginners and advanced riders.


Balanced dream of a horse

As if Orion was straight out of a storybook, he rides like a dream and is one of our most friendly and reliable horses.


The dancer with the rapid steps

A gorgeous horse with a ton of grace and knows it !


Our baby - born on campesano

Still new to the scene, but learning very fast and loving the attention.

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