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Since 2012 we operate CAMPESANO Outdoor Adventures


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We offer riding holidays, cottages, hostal, swimming pool, horseback rides from 2,5 hours to 8 days, mountain biking, trekking, diving, surfing, canoeing and much more.

campesano is located 20 minutes from Viña del Mar and 35 minutes from Valparaiso.

campesano is located at TripAdvisor in 1st at outdoor activities in the entire 5th region Chiles.

That is the most important tourist region in the country. We are very proud about that.

We are close to the guest, and offer individual "Small Group Tourism".

Horseback riding professionals

 With a focus on working with horses. At least 10 years of riding experience - no beginners!

- Guide and accompany horseback rides

- Give riding lessons

- Help the therapist in the hippotherapy

- Care about the horses

- Care of dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, etc. ...

- Childcare & Guest Services

- Gardenwork & Housekeeping

Nature lovers and sports students

 With a focus on Outdoor Activities.

- Guide Trekking, Mountainbike und Kayak Tours

- Advertising, distribute flyers

- Care of dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, etc. ...

- Childcare & Guest Services

- Gardenwork & Housekeeping

We offer

- Family connection

- Live with up to an additional 3 campesano volunteers/practicants and the family in the main house

- Complete and balanced diet

- Breakfast, lunch and supper, fruit and water

- Internship and recommendation certificate


- Good English

- CV with a SELF written text and the following data:

    - Detailed information of riding skills including formation, internships, etc.

    - Contact details.

    - Contact details of parents if you are not 21

    - Height and weight

    - Desired time to stay

    - Current photos (you can check us on facebook and on our homepage)

    - Precise information on chronic diseases, state of health and histories


Period of Stay

6 days working week, minimum stay period of 3 months, 

More details per email.

Riding holiday and vacations on ranches worldwide: Reiten-weltweit.de